Bayan Gobi

Night in a yurt under one of the most beautiful starry skies in the world.

Bayan Gobi

Horse Breeders' Paradise

Bayan Gobi

Horse riding in the dunes


Buddhist Temple of Erdene Zuu with its 108 stupas


Capital city of Mongolia


The Forbidden City

Great Wall of China

A haven of peace at 1h30 from Beijing airport


Stroll on the city walls


The megalopolis upon the sea


The tea capital at 45min from Shanghai by TGV

Yellow Moutain

Contemplation of the sea of clouds at sunset

Hong Kong

An archipelago of life, crossroads of civilizations


Bamboo raft cruise on the Li River


Longji Rice Terraces

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MICE Destinations

Ulaanbaatar – Bayan Gobi
Beijing – Great Wall of China – Xi’an
Shanghai – Hangzhou – Yellow Moutain
Guilin – Guangzhou – Hong Kong


Is 17 times bigger than France

Celestial Empire

In Beijing, the Northern Capital, be surprised by the immensity of the Forbidden City, home of ancient Chinese and Mongol dynasties. Stroll on the Great Wall of China, majestic union bridge between these two civilizations. Arrive in Shanghai for a time travel in the concessions. Awaken your senses at the Longjing tea plantations in Hangzhou and you will not believe your eyes admiring the sea of clouds during sunset at the Yellow Mountains!

Land of the last nomads !

Let us guide you through the immensity of the Mongolian steppes, at the heart of Genghis Khan’s Civilization. Share authentic moments with the local herders and learn how to live like a nomad by sleeping in a yurt. Explore the wildness of the landscape and be caught by surprise by the ride of the free horses along the meadow or take part in the Naadam, the famous Mongolian games to see the best riders, archers and wrestlers of the country!


Is 3 times bigger than France

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